Custom Exhibition Stand

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine contacted gocre8 to supply them with a custom exhibition stand for a exhibition in America. The floor space that they< have been given has a round post in the way, which holds up the roof of the exhibition arena. A way of using up the space would be to wrap a stand around the post.

The images in this case study show the best solution that we at gocre8 recommended. The system is called a twist stand which enables the person using it to twist it around into different directions. It can also be used as a long straight wall of graphics. In the images it shows that you can form a triangle which was the best solution for wrapping around the main post.

gocre8 designed the stand using images provided and adhering to the institute’s brand guidelines.

The client was very pleased with the stand especially the print quality and also the stands flexibility.

Custom exhibition stand

Designed by

Printed and installed by

Duration of project
Designed, printed and installed within 1 week

Date of project

Liverpool School Tropical of Medicine (Liverpool City Centre)

About the project

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