Setting up your artwork ready for Digital & Litho print

The perfect artwork file to send us is a pdf file with 3mm bleeds and crops marks indicating were the artwork is to be cut. The example below shows you how your artwork should be set up and also the right options you should select when generating a pdf file ready for print.

To produce postscript clean text in your file you must use a page layout programme such as Adobe Indesign or Quark Express. Indesign & Quark lets you import your Illustrator eps logo’s and also your high res photoshop images. Set your document up to the required size, then bleed your artwork 3mm over the edge of the document, if you don’t bleed your artwork over the edge then when the artwork is cut you will see a white line on some parts of the artwork. This is because there is a shift (Movement of print) of between 1 – 2 mm when printing digital & litho.


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